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Restaurant Equipment Financing and Leasing

Businesses — whether small or big — will not function without equipment. Restaurants are not an exception to this notion. Therefore, restaurant owners must have up-to-date and smart equipment for successful and efficient operations.

However, others cannot afford to buy the necessary equipment to run a restaurant. In this situation, Clark Financial Services becomes handy. We are dedicated to providing in-house funds to small and medium-sized businesses regardless of their credit report.

While getting equipment straightforwardly with cash is good, leasing is a much more cost-efficient approach to start a restaurant. In addition, when we talk about which has more benefit, leasing services can surely outweigh outright purchase with cash.

Just what are the benefits of restaurant equipment leasing services?

Conserve on-hand capital
When you opt for leasing, you can allocate a significant fraction of your on-hand capital to essential uses, such as the budget for employee engagement programs and the expansion of office space.

One of the cost-effective strategies when starting a restaurant business is, of course, to lease the equipment you need without the fear of getting outdated equipment. This will let you conserve your on-hand capital and help you manage your finances well. As a result, you will get a bigger profit — which we all want in business!

You probably think a lease agreement requires a load of paperwork. Well, other companies may require you a number of documents to process your application. Fortunately, here in Clark Financial Services, things are simple.

Just fill out an application, and we will offer a tailor-fitted solution to your business needs. Requirements are minimal. Application is swift, simple, and straightforward.

What’s more, we will give you the option to purchase equipment after your lease.

Exceptional Leasing Services
Clark Financial Services strive to partner with businesses, especially restaurant owners. Remaining true to our core values and mission as a business financing agency, we are here to help.

Our competitive rates are suitable for small business owners. Quality equipment without a down payment, and there will be tax deductions on essential-use equipment. Plus, we provide an opportunity to utilize personalized, co-branded vendor programs.

What’s even more remarkable, your feedback — whether commendation or comment — is our stepping stone. This means we strive to give you excellent service with our exceptional customer service.

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