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Printing Equipment Financing and Leasing

Planning on establishing a printing press or a small-scale print shop, but relatively short on capital? Worry no more! Clark Financial Services is here to help you with your printing equipment needs.

Our company is dedicated to assisting businesses, especially in the field of the printing industry. We treat our clients as our business partners — we keep them as our top priority!

While it is true that other lending agencies will keep you at the edge of your seat during your application process, Clark Financial Services ensures a higher possibility of application success without worrying about your credit history.

Convenience. Everything here is simple and easy to follow. This is the central core of our business – we are to help entrepreneurs and business owners!

We are here to help everyone to kick off their dream business regardless of their diverse backgrounds. Just fill up the application form, submit it, and we will make you an offer tailor-fitted to your needs.

What’s even remarkable, we have quick turnaround times and simple documentation. No need for you to go the extra mile to get the business financing you need.

We do not incur extra costs. No hidden charges — everything is transparent! Plus, you can claim tax deductions on leased equipment as business operating expenses.

We have a variety of best options; you just need to choose which one suits your business well. You have the choice to purchase the equipment that you lease. Additionally, you also have the opportunity to lease state-of-the-art and newer equipment. Meaning, you do not have to buy expensive machinery that quickly depreciates.

Ultimately, we value your voice. In that case, we always strive to give you the excellent customer service you could ever get. So let us know your concerns and questions, and we will be delighted to answer those.

Already convinced? Contact us and you’re onto the next step!