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Equipment Financing

Clark Financial Services’ equipment leasing services covers a variety of industries, including

  • Healthcare/Medical
  • Restaurant
  • Construction
  • Machinery/Manufacturing
  • Forestry/Logging
  • Automotive

Be one of the 72% of companies here in the US who use some form of financing when obtaining a new or used equipment. If you’re a business owner or a company, we can help with a financing/leasing plan that suits your needs. Credit blemishes will not deter obtaining financing here. Just tell us the story and situation, we’ll listen. 

By choosing Clark Financial Services, you can:

  • Get guaranteed full 100% financing with no downpayment
  • Maintain your working capital to be allotted for other more important use such as business expansion or recruitment 
  • Benefit from tax considerations associates with purchase financing
  • Purchase equipment that will generate revenue
  • Include additional costs such as sales tax, delivery and installation
  • Build/impriove your Business Credit profile

Choose Clark Financial Services for your equipment leasing needs today. Tell us exactly how we can help you and we will surely help. Contact us today!