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Clark Financial Services has been a leading provider in equipment financing. It aims to provide small and medium-sized businesses with the financing needed for essential use equipment.

If you want to get financed now, please fill out as much information as possible for the equipment.

  You may also download the PDF file below, fill it up and email it to us at david@clarkfinancialservicesaz.com

Delivery of this application bearing a facsimile signature(s) shall have the same force and effect as if the application bore an inked original signature. The application represents and warrants that all credit and financial information submitted to Clark Financial Services, LLC and its assignee(s)/designee(s) is true and correct and lessor or its assignee(s)/designee(s) may obtain any information necessary pertaining to this application including, but not limited to owners, officers, or guarantors. Applicant agrees to furnish financial statements to Lessor on request. The applicant acknowledges that based upon such information and other factors which may apply, Lessor and its assignee(s)/designee(s)in their sole discretion may either grant or decline credit.

By signing below, the undersigned individual, who is either the principal of the credit application or a guarantor of it’s obligations, provides this written instruction to Lessor and its assignee(s)/designee(s) authorizing review of his/her credit profile from a national credit bureau. Such authorization shall extend to obtaining a credit profile in consideration of this applicant and subsequently for the purpose of update, renewal or the extension of such credit or additional credit and for reviewing and collecting the resulting account. A copy of this authorization shall be valid as the original. By signing below, 1/we affirm our identity as the respective individuals identified in the related application.

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