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About Clark Financial Services

Clark Financial Services is a financial lending company based in Mesa, Arizona.

It was created to meet the equipment financing needs of small to medium-sized businesses all over the United States, providing equipment-financing solutions for a wide range of companies and a wide range of credits.

For those that have great financials and credit history to those that have past blemishes or are start-ups, Clark Financial Services has the capabilities to provide equipment-financing solutions. For those companies who have been shut out of the credit market, we are able to peel back the layers of an applicant’s credit history to uncover value and create a structure that will often work for them. Clark Financial Services’ team believes character is more than just a credit score.

We are able to provide equipment-financing solutions for a large variety of equipment to include, but not limited to, manufacturing, health, medical, surgery centers, wound care, dental, construction, commercial landscaping, Restaurant, food/beverage manufacturing, farming, recycling, automotive, printing, sanitation, logging and much more.

ADDRESS: 6139 E. Greenway St Suite
1 Mesa, AZ 85205
PHONE: 480-433-5183
EMAIL ADDRESS: david@clarkfinancialservicesaz.com